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Pioneering innovation through rigorous focus SCHWIND eye-tech-solutions is one of the technology leaders for eye lasers for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. We develop, produce and market a comprehensive product portfolio for the treatment of vision defects and corneal diseases. This includes the

CSO is an International leader in diagnostic ophthalmic instruments since more than fifty years. Thanks to an efficient and diffused team of coworkers, CSO has become a strong player in the international market. Today CSO has some very innovative products, such as COBRA+, a new fundus camera with amazing specifics and very easy to use;

As the population steadily increases, so does the number of eye diseases, disorders and wait time for appointments. Visions aims to provide patients with better access to eye health resources worldwide. Visionix is committed to Empowering eye care professionals to excel at their craft and transform the patient care journey through intuitive,

From the first SD-OCT image generated to our transformative OCTA technology, Optovue technologies provide clinicians with information so new, they demand a different approach to treatment decision algorithms. Optovue's long string of "firsts" demonstrates that innovation is the backbone of our scientific

Founded in 1846 by Johann Diedrich Möller the company has always been in production of high-precision optics for medicine and science. Today this enterprise as well as hundreds of valuable experiences have merged in HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL. With our focus on microsurgery we provide operating microscopes for the fields of ophthalmology,

Optikon was created in 1966 for the sole purpose of developing new ophthalmological technology with the highest quality and accuracy so that eye professionals have the tools to optimize their patients’ eyesight. Today Optikon has more than 100 employees and a well-established manufacturing capability, but our approach has not changed:

Created in 1986, PhysIOL has evolved from the University of Liège, Belgium, and has specialized in the research, development and manufacture of intraocular implants for cataract surgery. PhysIOL with its enthusiastic team of highly professional and customer-focused employees supplies its products to ophthalmic surgeons in over 70 countries

Our passion for helping patients with corneal diseases, providing the best equipment to exercise cross-linking procedures drives our company to collaborate with the best opinionated leaders and medical professionals worldwide. We provide transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care

SERVImed's ophthalmic portfolio is characterized by unique technical patents, groundbreaking protocols, and scientific publications. These materials are a testament to SERVImed Industrial’s mission to bring innovation to the healthcare market. https://servimed-industrial.com/ophtalmology-and-ophthalmic-medical-devices/

Since 1978, Appasamy Associates and Group of companies have been leading manufacturers and distributors of ophthalmic equipment, microscopes, lasers, IOLs, microsurgical instruments and pharmaceuticals. Our three decades of work have been widely appreciated throughout the world. Our dedication to support our products had become